Garden of Dinine Songs" project

#VESILLYA is the first performance of the project, it is built on the material of traditional wedding songs of Ukraine

#VESILLYA is the oldest living ritual that holds in itself change, the secret of the transition
to another quality - crossing “Sea of Reeds” - and it is a sign of time in which we live

#VESILLYA is the eternal blooming of the Earth

“The Garden of Divine Songs” is a theatrical project in progress, its basis and purpose is a human’s testimony in time – the actor`s personal monologue through the song – dance – text

This is the form of a single monologue of a human - a testimony of time - a personal effort for peace.

This is the act of lowliness - to enable the native land to sound, to reveal though the performer the quality that heals the earth at all times, wins the war, and which is the spouting in contemporaneity of the eternally young garden of the Spirit

Project author, director - Nataliya Polovynka
theatre designer - Serhiy Savchenko
assistant director - Yuliya Tarasovych
light - Bohdan Dvornyk
costume - Oksana Karavanska


Nataliya Mykolayenko
Mariya Kmit
Yuliya Tarasovych
Solomiya Kyrylova
Olya Preobrazhenska
Nataliya Polovynka

Artistic director
laureate of T.Shevchenko National Prize - Nataliya Polovynka

Technical rider

* 2 multimedia broadcast projectors
* 2 laptops
* Spotlight ETC 750, ray angle 70 grad
* 5 PAR 64 spotlights
* 3 flood lights